The Ancient Law directs everything
    - Only the Wise know it's Magical Power

    KALEVALA - The Return of The Golden Age; TV / VOD drama series / 1st season 12 x 50 min

    The wisdom of Nature awakens

    — a new tribe emerges

    Kullervo "The Golden One", is raised as a slave. He learns the magical powers of his noble ancestors with the help of an old wise woman. Two beautiful maidens challenge Kullervo in love and warrior’s skills. But the stakes go even higher, when Kullervo with bare hands faces Untamo, "The DreamWeaver's" army, who has subjugated Nature and the people with their new weapons of iron. 

    Our heroes are summoned to mythical adventures in three different worlds and ages. The Stone Age clans live in harmony with nature. The sages of the Bronze Age still remember the Ancient Law in their peaceful agricultural villages. The Iron Age turns everything upside down with violence, and the Three Sons of Evil are born.  A New Tribe emerges and a new cycle begins. - Who will win the battle – those with weapons or those with wisdom?

    “The screenwriter impressively passes on an entire mythical world. This screenplay is full of imagination and vision. The ancient Kalevala-time leaves its old skin behind and is reborn as a mythical adventure.”

    - Mr Esko Salervo

    Former Chief of drama productions
    Finnish National TV and Radio Company YLE

    Based on original stories from the world famous Kalevala Epic

    The Finno-Ugric oral tradition, dating as far back as the early Iron and Bronze Ages, was collected during the 19th century and published in 1849 under the name The Kalevala. This classic of world literature is today available in more than 60 languages. Among others, J.R.R. Tolkien was greatly inspired by The Kalevala's mythology. He drew heavily upon it during the process of writing his best-selling fantasy novel The Lord of The Rings.

    Exciting adventure with real magic and wisdom

    Before the Iron Age conquered Northern Europe, people lived in peace and harmony with nature. Their heroes were carriers of Sacred Wisdom of the cosmic laws that guided all humans, nature and heavenly bodies alike. Women and men were equally powerful in a society free from suppressing hierarchies. The Finnish folklore carries still memories from the ancient Golden Age.


    For 25 years, screenwriter Veli-Heikki Uusitupa studied the original sources of this heritage. He discovered a long lost tradition of Sacred Wisdom, including more than 100 symbols, archetypes and paths of learning. These act as master-keys to open and restore the ancient story-universe that was passed on from generation to generation. The unique findings inspired him to write the screenplay Kalevala - The Return of the Golden Age – a mythical adventure of epic proportions, never seen on screen before.


    The sacred myths gave birth to Creation, the starry sky and all of human history.


    The wise knew these origins and sang of them...


    Main characters of the drama series. We are in the process of choosing the actors and actresses. - You are welcome to make your own suggestions!

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    ... The great forces of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Heaven


    still work for the good of all beings ...



    Veli-Heikki Uusitupa, CEO / KALEVALA WORLD LTD / Finland / +358 44 570 2988 /  

    Right now, building the international cooperation team. Stay tuned!

    .... Until a huge oak blacked out the light in the sky


    And A Fiery-tailed dragon swallowed the old sun …



    KALEVALA – The Return of The Golden Age TV Series will answer the fast growing demand for untold stories that brings hope and new perspectives to the audience living in the midst of the global crisis of humanity and the whole ecosystem. Our TV Series will fulfill these needs by giving real experiences, by bringing to life an authentic story with ancient wisdom. You are welcome to join the Global Wise Network of producers, artists, financiers and supporters, who want to be builders of a New Golden Era, in our modern time. 

    Impressions inspired by the TV series.

    … The Dark Age began - it was a nightmare created by Untamo, the dream-weaver.


    The three sons of Evil - Envy, Greed and Ignorance oppress all life on Earth …


    The representatives of media are most welcome to contact Mr Veli Heikki Uusitupa, founder of The Kalevala World. He will gladly provide interviews and more information about our project and share his knowledge of the ancient Kalevala heritage.


    Mr Veli-Heikki Uusitupa
    CEO, Kalevala World - Kalevalan Maailma Oy

    Phone: +358(0)445702988